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David Weaver
I thought the same thing with the quartered look, like tight grained chestnut. Similar color in the wood that I have.

The odor wasn't too bad planing, but I couldn't place it. It's not fruity or similar to pine, nor was it peppery like rosewood. I guess it "smells like catalpa".

The way it planes reminds me a little bit of mahogany - the way it sounds tapping it does, also.

I'm sure it grows in large trees because the first golf course I ever played at had a huge catalpa tree around driver distance from the first tee. I got stuck behind it a lot. My dad can't identify lumber in most cases other than very common stuff like mahogany, cherry, oak, walnut....but he is far better at identifying live trees than I am (from sorting out what to cut for firewood as a kid), or I'd have never known what that tree was.

The golf ball magnet tree would easily yield two piece quartered guitar bodies, probably one piece. I don't anticipate anyone would saw a large tree like that and sell such an orientation to anyone other than a guitar factory.

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