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Pricing difference 7 vs. 607

Steve D, CT
Bill, this is from this morning's Patrick Leach mailing. Only $10 more for the Bedrock.

ST55 #7 jointer; ca.1930 model with single patent date embossed
behind the frog, tall knob with no ring, it has all original
parts save for the iron which is an earlier sweetheart re-
placement that has 1" life left to it; tote has a bite out
if it on the left edge, it's usable as is; a worker; bottom:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/apr/t106.jpg $170.00
ST56 #607 Bed Rock jointer; as found worker that's free of
damage, it has a low knob that an owner must have swapped
with the tall knob; STANLEY embossed lever cap with kidney
hole and same era iron (with roughly 1" life left in it),
these were also swapped onto the plane, it's no matter as
the plane doesn't know this and will work as well as one
with all original parts; 90% japanning remains; top:
http://www.supertool.com/forsale/apr/t114.jpg $180.00

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