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I have your disease, too...

David Weaver
...but a little different. Once I get an ungodly amount of something, then I start feeling the need to build said things, too.

Which makes no sense - if you have too much of something, then why build more of it?

I still think holding the older iron and making irons is a good thing, but I think that only because that's what I do. Then, if I sell a plane, I'll sell both with it if I feel like it will help the value.

O1 irons made to light straw are pretty difficult to beat in terms of ease of making, never really failing to make one well and being sort of close to "Carbon steel", the term that most people use for about 50 different alloys that are plain steel with just a few additives for hardenability.

52100 would make a really nice infill iron, too, and is probably cheaper than O1, but requires a faster quench oil to get the same hardness.

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