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ken ca
I use one or two of my Norris', many of my collection of 40 or so have full or near full length irons. Some have replacement blades, or very short original Norris blades. The goal, is to turn these near useless short Norris blades into something of full length.

The more I think of it, the more I think it's feasible to weld - actually Mig would probably be better than Tig due to the reduced HAZ. I think I'll try shaping and hardening some O1 steel. Then using a good amount of heat sink between the weld site and the business end of the blade (clamp a large chunk of steel to the blade) do short Mig welds rather like welding sheet metal. This would have to be jigged of course to maintain planarity as best as possible. Plenty of cooling time between "spot" welds.

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