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William Duffield
Is Jackie Weaver a hand tool woodworker? Does she play one on TV? :O

OK, Now I've looked up the meme and watched it. I guess it must be British humor, because I just don't get what is funny about it. It's just small town bickering about Rules of Order.

As long as she doesn't insist on discussing politics or religion, I wouldn't throw her out of the meeting. We always just remind them to "Be nice, and I won't have to try to find out where I put the RumbleTalk "Smite" button." :D

My invitation evidently fell on deaf ears, as no one special showed up to chat or share big pictures of their woodworking project or tool accomplishments. Maybe, next time I should be more direct? "Be there, or be square" might at least work for our turners.

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No jackie weaver?
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