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A customer's report

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
If you are making more than a few chisels I suppose the more than you need are going to others. Personally, I could care less what the handle of a chisel is made from, beyond a lighter weight wood is better than one heavy. I don't like a top heavy chisel. I am becoming fond of the lightweight beech handles on the Narex chisels. They are plain but light and I like light weight.

What the benefit of this wood you describe is escapes me as a "customer". It arrives wet and not ready to use and doesn't appear to my eye to be more attractive than lots of other wood. The effort and expense of using it would be lost on me.

Because it is readily available locally, a dogwood limb can not be beat for a chisel handle. Nothing turns better, it is split resistant and light weight.

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