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beveled blades don't like end grain

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
It has been reported extensively that chiseling end grain puts stress on beveled edges that can deform or chip them. More recently this issue was discussed here for shooting end grain. Indeed as I have become more gentle entering a shooting plane to an end grain cut the beveled edge has held up better.

As reported on the main board I have had to refit all the drawers for the desk I am building. The trip of the drawers from the <40% RH shop to a conditioning period at high humidity resulted in all 8 binding. Even the side clearance had to be adjusted on some. Never had that happen before.

As a result I have been doing more drawer side planing than ever before. It had not crossed my mind that the drawer front pins presented the same situation as shooting end grain. With enthusiasm I was planing across the pin ends with these long drawer side cuts . Soon tracks were showing up that even I became aware of. I destroyed the edge of a PMV11 blade sharpened at 30 degrees. I did not need the 10x lens to see divots missing from the edge.

Lesson learned. During an extended cold spell with the shop at <40% RH go hiking in the snow instead of building drawers :)

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beveled blades don't like end grain
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