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granadillo vs. granadillo... *PIC*

David Weaver
..sounds like a boxing match.

but in my flurry of chisel making, I've got much interest in various handles and have ordered a shameful amount of various woods (I hope to make 500 chisels now- why not just be delusional about it - and in that context, I've only wasted money on a fraction of what i'll need, anyway).

First granadillo handles that I got appear to be a granadillo road less traveled (and reading one of the vendor's pages, it looks like two different woods are typically sold, and a third is rarer but desirable).

In this picture, I believe one is macacauba, and the other, I don't know. what I can gather from pictures, though - the one of these two that I really like - as shown in the handle omnibus - is the type I"m less likely to find, and when the blanks are waxed, you can't tell what they are - they're all dark brown).

I believe the lighter colored one is macacauba, though, and that is the wood that I said smells a bit like a combination of tropical and oak. I'm sure it'll be fine, but the other one polishes like it's been waxed, just without using wax if you burnish it.

Anyone with much experience with this? The virtue of "granadillo" is that it can be found in reasonably large blanks for not so much money - it'll be a few days before the cylinders of the lighter type are dry. I'd really prefer the darker of the two here, and though the difference is subtle to some extent, the left piece of wood waxes and finishes to a deep lovely brown.

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granadillo vs. granadillo... *PIC*
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