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William Duffield
It ain't Zoom, but it doesn't have a lot of the annoyances of Zoom, either. You do need to know how to type, and read words in English from the screen, but if you are too young to have learned those skills, you wouldn't be here reading this, would you? You don't need to look at the ugly mugs of the geezers who participate.

Tonight, 9:30 p.m. E.S.T.

If you haven't visited in a year or so, lots of things have been improved, including easier posting of big pictures, videos, PDFs, text, etc.

You needn't be concerned that you won't be able to get a word in edgewise. Unless I've lost count, there are currently only about five of us who use the chat, and everyone is allowed to type at the same time. Now, three of us are in New Jersey where the weather is fine today, but one is in Texas, and may be without power and buried under a blizzard tonight. I always look forward to his amazing turned sculptures, but we may have to wait until next week to see his latest.

BTW, we more often also get together on Monday evenings at about the same time, but the chat room is always open. If you don't know how to get to the chat room, let me know, and I'll draw you a map.

At this time, the chat is open to discussion of any and all hand tool woodworking subjects, including debating advantages and disadvantages of muscle powered hand tools vs. electric powered hand tools vs. woodworking machines.

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Underutilized Discourse Resource
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