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David Weaver
saws alternating ends with styrofoam between them so that there is no tension on the blades.

I once received a saw lot from MJD tools and they'd "pointed" the saws all in the same direction and tied them together tightly in the middle. Every single saw retained memory of how they were tied together with the plates almost touching and the handles fanned apart. Only the one lucky enough to be straight in the pack stayed that way, the rest needed to be hammered With hammering comes some risk of unexpected tension effects -it's to be avoided if possible.

keeping the saws all straight and immobile will be best. There's no need to be dainty if you don't have styrofoam given how tough spring steel is, but do something to make sure they aren't bent or can't end up bent in the pack, else they'll retain some memory of any significant bending.

It'll lighten the load on matt if he doesn't have to deal with that.

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