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McMaster Carr...

David Weaver
....just the "regular" wheels.

Like bill said, the tool room general purpose wheels probably all have a hard rating (the 46 grit wheel that I got was N, I believe, it's norton - but this coarser wheel has minimal marking).

There is a friable option that's silicon carbide, but these already shed particles in annealed steel, so there's no good reason to get something even more fast wearing.

I think, responding also to bill's post, that I'd guess my wheel as an M or N hardness (a complete wild guess), but it's the open nature and lower density with bigger particles that makes it seem like a less hard wheel.

Very noticeable even between the 24 and 36 wheels - big weight difference that probably makes even a high hardness wheel have less conviction holding its particles because they aren't as closely packed to protect each other).

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