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Re: Larry wrote about these

Steve Voigt
24 grit wheels aren't mentioned often in the woodworking community

Agree that few have mentioned these wheels, but Larry used to mention them on forums, and there's this Instagram post:


For those who don't want to read the post, the wheel is labeled A 24 Q 8 V.
Larry writes: "This is the best grinding wheel I've found for our purposes. It has a relatively open structure and isn't too hard or too soft. It's also a coarse 24 grit. We get them from www.victornet.com. The 6" x 3/4" wheel sells for $8.40 if I remember right but they have a minimum order of $30 or something similar. If one is accustomed to a dense spark pattern they may think this wheel isn't removing anything but it grinds so cool there isn't a normal spark pattern."

I have not tried those wheels, for no reason other than inertia…I'll get off my ass and order one today.

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