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Re: Where is the frame and panel

Sgian Dubh
Curt, I'd say you don't really have frame and panel construction in that chest. Looking closely at the largest image you have (fuzzy as it is) of the chest's side I'm pretty sure I can see a row of nails attaching the side to the top internal front to back framing member, part of the top drawers kicker. I suspect the side might similarly be nailed to the rest of internal members, i.e., the runners/kickers, and to the bottom runner.

So, essentially, what you seem to have is a wide board, probably made up of two or three pieces edge glued, and then nailed through to restraining cross pieces, and this is a likely cause of the cabinet side's split.

As to age, it's hard to say, but I suspect it's not a high end piece that was made in a top level big city workshop, and is more likely to be from one of the lesser city workshops, or possibly from what I'd think of as a country workshop away from a big city with its more up to date styling influences, and if so, the maker could be working in a style some twenty to fifty years behind the times. So, age, I'd guess, it being largely an oak exterior with what looks like some mahogany veneer at the front, plus softwood drawer parts, along with brass plates and drop pulls (assuming original) then somewhere between about late 18th century to any time up to about 1840. Slainte.

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