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Re: Has anyone tried CBN wheel on a tormek? *PIC*

Wiley Horne
Hi Jerome.

I strongly encourage you to put the WTW CBN wheel on your Tormek. It makes a new and different machine of it. I took Derek’s CBN advice and have never regretted it. The 200g wheel is the one for grinding—I grind to a new burr, then follow with stones—1000, 2000, 13000 Sigma—for honing. Then buff.

The CBN wheel is faster on the Tormek than anything else you’ve had mounted, and it’s cool working. One of the things you’ll appreciate most is removing the water tray, and always working dry. You’ll forget the $200.

It grinds everything with no problem—from straight high carbon to CPM-3V and M2.

Here is the set-up—pardon the dirt:

I recently bought another leather wheel. The older one, impregnated with Tormek paste, I just found useless. This bare leather one is very useful for buffing after honing.

This CBN wheel (10”) I bought off Ebay from WTW, rather than off the website. Saved maybe $20 doing it that way.

Be glad to answer any questions.


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