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the culprit on my baldor
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David Weaver
is probably the brown wheel (one that was about $14 from mcmaster, so a cheapie - but good enough to have bushings in the center instead of a rough sized hole).

I never put the baldor on a surface unfastened, but it's 40 pounds and probably wouldn't walk. It's not like a heavy pounder, rather a vibrating kind of thing and minor.

Interestingly, The CBN wheel will collect junk around its rim unevenly (metal dust cake) and needs to have that stuff scuffed out sometimes.

The heavy taiwanese jet grinder is very smooth, even with cheap wheels, but the wheels do need truing sometimes. They must vary in hardness (i know some cheapies vary in density, so you can true them and they'll still pound) or some other cause as heavy grinding will create a wheel that's slightly out of round after a while. When a wheel is out of round, as you're aware, it'll pound on something and only cut through an arc that's a fraction of the wheel. It seems to me that this should be a self correcting thing, but it never seems to to me.

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