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David Weaver
..this wheel is actually excellent for restoring a hollow, it doesn't cut as deep as the grit would suggest and it will cut as slow as you want if you don't apply pressure.

Fewer sparks, but bigger ones.

As far as what the wheel says, it doesn't say anything useful on it in terms of the long string of typical letters. On the front side, it has safety warnings, and on the back side, it just says A4024

If any of the verbiage indicated brand, I don't know what it was and just put it back on without thinking that I should take a picture.

Strangely, there is nothing useful on any of the wheels that came with the grinder other than max speed. They say "A60" and "A36" on them and that's it.

(mcmaster part 4463A424 - that also doesn't provide much useful information that I can see). Fairly cheap, but there's a difference in weight between the 36 and the 24 (the matrix on the coarse wheel is more open). it sheds particles, too and heavy work will wear it visibly (not bevel refreshing). I like it much better than any of the other wheels I've had for refreshing bevels with the exception of the CBN.

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