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Re: Agitating on recommended grinders... *PIC*

David Weaver
My rule for balance now (because even wheel balancers, etc, don't always cure everything with some wheels) is a grinder that doesn't walk once it's bolted to something.

AS far as scratch depth, I used a 46 grit pink wheel before going to the 80 grit CBN wheel. I was shocked at first that the grooves from the CBN were monstrously deeper, but when it was fresh like that, it definitely ground very cool. The grooves were deep enough that if they got to the edge, the first honed edge would be kind of trashy (unexpected chipping).

The 24 grit scratches are coarse, but not as coarse as the fresh 80 grit CBN wheel, and nowhere close to the scratches that a 36 grit ceramic belt leaves. Why the belt is so coarse, I don't know, but it's a destroyer.

Picture is from the 24 grit wheel. Very usable - 36 grit belt grinder, not usable, but the point of those belts is to grind large flat surfaces like large knives (the abrasives are arranged almost in piles, too, which exacerbates things).

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