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Re: Agitating on recommended grinders...

Jack Dover
There's definitely a dependency between heat generated and the amount of material removed. The finer the wheel the slower the removal rate, so finer wheels heat a tool more. However, a coarse wheel might leave scratches so deep that polishing them out removes a hollow (I have such a wheel), so even when hollow grinding is not considered, you're just correcting an edge on a grinder and a majority of sharpening still happens on relatively slow stones.

So maybe that's why most recommendations for a wheel are for 80-100 grit range: not too hot and metal is not removed too fast, so a user has more control. And maybe experienced users go with coarce grits because they have better wheels, more skills, etc.

Probably a recommendation for a grinder should be "anything that's balanced and doesn't try to walk out of a shop". Unfortunately this is something really hard to check at the store. And most of the grinders are junk not because they can't spin a wheel, but because of overall low quality of manufacturing.

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