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John in NM
Actually this was the second of these. The first had no handle and the cut nails were not as neatly welded (not that the welding is so great on this one either - didn't have a TIG).

Close up of the business end:

This one was the most time consuming to use, but really it produced the best results:

Later I made some that worked in a Dremel vibro-engraver and then a Foredom chisel handpiece - those are the ones I lent you of course. There were various iterations starting with the welded cut nails and then moved to the hardened pins held in compression fittings that you'll remember:

These days I do the bulk of it with a needle scaler but it is very hard to control. I then do the edges neatly with the Foredom version.

I'm thinking of making a piece to replace the needles in the pneumatic tool that the compression fitting head will screw onto. Best of both worlds - more aggressive tool yet more precise.

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