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Re: Drawers -heads or tails

Jack Dover

tapping a nail into our hardwoods will likely lead to a split. They first require drilling to do this!

Pneumatic nailers use pins that work like cut nails, they tear fibers and make their own hole. Wire nails cause splits because they mostly push fibers to the side and work like a wedge, hence a little trick of hitting a point of a wire nail a few times to add a flat to it.

Also pneumatic pins are small diameter. There's enough pressure at a point to let them go through most US domestic hardwoods, provided other settings are right. I know Australia has some really dense timbers, but a pin would just bend. I don't know whether I'd use such a timber for drawers sides though.

If Bill uses the smallest pin that can hold sides together - you probably won't even notice a hole. And I think it used to be an acceptable technique, I've seen quite a number of older pieces with holes that can't be explained other than something was temporary nailed there during manufacturing.

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