Hand Tools

I'll make a bet....and a formative event

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I'll bet I can drive a nail used in a nail gun through a 7/16" drawer side of any wood you choose in the location where I drive the nail for fastening two drawer sides together, and not split it. For a piece of furniture where the drawer is to be used a lot one should not be using a hard piece of wood for the side anyway.

That said, I can not imagine you building anything to the standards I build to. You would get no personal satisfaction from the result. When I showed Mayberry (the desk in Gallery) the tip of nailing sides together he was as shocked as if I had suggested putting a knotty board in a table top. He eventually sheepishly asked if I filled the holes. No. He has numerous children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and not made sock storage for any of them. His house is bursting at the seams with Period Reproductions however. Different motivation for woodworking.

It may be that my standards were set by an incident when my daughter was in her teens. She wanted a bed. I was infused with the spirit of what circulates here and took this request to be an opportunity to strut my hand tool skills (which in retrospect were pedestrian). After some days of lumber preparation and chiseling mortises she dropped by the shop and leveled me with the comment that she would probably graduate and leave home before I ever got it done. It was then that I realized who the customer was for the bed, her not me.

I offer, not advocate, my way of doing things. If someone's granddaughter mails them a sketch of a desk they need, my standards of filling the need can be considered. Keep in mine that your granddaughter is going to judge the result not a buyer for a Gallery.

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