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John in NM
The risk with fora like this is that it's about halfway to facebook. People start wanting to live vicariously through it and only desire to make popular posts.

Honestly, I take a lot more pictures of what I'm doing since I got a phone with a decent camera last year (and I recently figured out the easy way of transferring photos to my computer). But a lot of what I work on is of little interest to those here I think, its not furniture.

I like that method of ganging drawer sides for dovetailing, a really good idea. I missed that you were hammering in the air nails on the first read - I was on the other side and only caught the note about the side cutters here on the hand tool post. Should have twigged it from the hammer!

You are severely tempting me to attack my long put off workbench drawers this way - I had planned to use ball bearing guides though, due to the likely weight of the contents. Not exactly sock drawers :D

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