Hand Tools


Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
By the time I get to drawers my motivation is to get whatever done and out of the shop. This desk will have a total of 9 drawers.
The 9th is the same as the first. There is no challenge or variety except size. Why should anyone be bothered by a small nail hole in a drawer side? Who will ever notice it? Granddaughter will put this desk to use the day it gets delivered. These motivations lead me to take labor out of assembling a drawer where ever I can.

The Headley shop is driven by reducing cost to a customer to increase demand and keep the shop alive. I look to what they do to learn ways of making stuff efficiently.

Another motivation to post is for the silent watchers. I want to show there is another way of making stuff that is not so demanding as "Gallery Grade" that I call a place to store your socks or good enough grade.

Astonishingly little stuff gets posted on WC. Why? Either people are reticent to show what they make because the bar for posting has been set at Gallery Grade or they look at Gallery Grade and decide it is too hard to make a place to store your socks. Or? What is the purpose of the Forum if not a place to share making stuff?

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