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Re: Drawers -heads or tails

Sgian Dubh
Derek, how is your contribution relevant to the technique Bill described? Bill shows how he gangs together a pair of drawer sides to fit them into the hole they belong to, then marking and sawing the dovetails: what you show seems to be treating each drawer box side individually through (possibly) initial fitting of each side to its hole one at a time, executing the dovetails one side at a time, then transferring the dovetail profiles to the pin piece.

On the other hand, I've done similar to Bill, i.e., gang cutting of drawer box side dovetails, although I've never nailed them together to do so, but I have used G clamps and F clamps to lock them together. I think the maximum number of sides I've gang sawn is either six (three drawers) or eight (four drawers), I can't recall now, but once sawn I generally unclamped the sides and chopped the waste from between the dovetails one side at a time. I haven't had a need
or chosen to gang cut several drawer side parts (more than two sides) all of the same size for quite a number years now that I think about it, maybe close to twenty. Slainte.

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