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That was my quesion actually...

Jack Dover
... just couldn't put it together, I guess.

I don't think I own any Japanese blade that's harder than a regular well tempered Wesern blade. Most of my Harlequin set is was sharpened on diamond stones before I got some oil stones. But I had a steal on one of the auctions recently, two planes and one of them is an absolute beast. I can't get it sharp for the life of me. My Arkansas stones don't really cut that steel, rather burnish it, the blade gets chipped on diamond plates. Had some limited success with an India stone refreshing a surface often. There could be a few other tools like this in my resore list.

I have purchased a coarse Crystolon recently, pretty sure it will cut that steel, since it's the same abrasive that's used in coarse Japanese stones, right? But I was thinking I don't have anything in between my coarsest and my finest stones (that can cut this steel that is), there weren't any reasonable Washita offerings for quite a bit and this 40+$ stone seems like a good deal, or at least better than I'll have on ebay these days. Haven't bought it yet because of doubts it's a real Washita and that even a real Washita might not be what I really need.

I guess what I'm looking for is the Unicorn for Japanese tools.

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