Hand Tools

Re: looks...that was my thought..

David Weaver
fine india and washita or soft arkansas is excellent for japanese tools. If they're full spec hardness, the soft ark will barely cut them and should leave a good surface - especially on the back side (flat surface spread out over the soft ark and super hard steel = almost no groove depth).

what wiley calls "tangent buffing" on the bevel side keeps the angle from getting chased too steep.

I don't use much for japanese tools other than chisels because the giant bevel on the planes makes them a pain in the ane to deal with quickly, but if I used them a lot, I'd either hollow grind the bevel or grind on crystolon, and then follow with fine india and soft ark. It's faster than a japanese or synthetic waterstone rotation (especially if you run into something that does minor damage to an edge), and the edge is just as good.

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