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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
The versatility of a loft bed may eventually surprise you. I made a bed similar to yours from 12/4 and 16/4 poplar I had left over from an order. Daughter wanted it for her college dorm room to add usable room. I figured she would use it a year and junk it.

It got passed to younger daughter and she used it in a dorm room (the exchange between me and the HR for her floor on whether it met Furman U safety requirements for structural integrity was epic). It was stored then used again by daughter in shared (another female!) apartment.

I thought it was disposed of when daughter bought a house. Nope. It recently came out of storage and used in oldest granddaughter's room, again to add space ( a desk fits under it).

Instead of slats I used a sheet of 3/4 plywood for the mattress support. Granddaughter painted it white and decorated it with the mural and twinkle lights. I have no idea how one lays out that pattern, never mind draw it. The blue is the frame of the bed. I expect it will go to college once again.

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