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Gratitude, and a plebiscite

Ellis Walentine
...swings both ways. I'm grateful for your comments. I don't do much around here anymore, except when things break, and sometimes not even then. But, it's good to hear that WC is well regarded, at least among the hardcore regulars. I don't venture out to other forums so I can't form an informed opinion of how we compare. I don't really care to know, but I can't imagine a more knowledgeable bunch of folks anywhere, at least not in the woodworking world.

As you are probably aware, it's been a hectic week for us, with scripts heading south, posting disrupted, etc., as a result of an upgrade to our server environment. We're good for now, but the recent pitfalls have gotten me thinking of moving things to a different forum structure. I have actually found one called MyBB that offers message threading, similar to the way this forum displays. But, I'm always wary of silver bullets, or silver linings for that matter, because they are never without their own quirks and "issues". Few software packages have proven as robust as this legacy software, written back in the 90s in an arcane language called Perl, which requires an interpreter on the server side to tell it what to do. It's bulletproof, except when time marches on and conventions change.

I haven't made any commitments at this point, but another potential upside to a change would be that we might actually be able to extract and preserve literally all of the messages ever posted here, and make them searchable. It would be a big expense and probably take months of hard work by myself and whoever we hire to do the basic migration. Just thinking out loud here, but I thought you'd like a glimpse behind the curtain. Anything is possible.

Please carry on. I'll do what I can to keep us going. Feel free to share your thinking on a strange new forum.


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