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you're right....

Orlando in So. Fl.
....about leaving them in water but it's not what I prefer to do. Stu mentioned that Sigma Power Ceramics below 4K should be soaked but above that it's not required.

ALL Sigma Power stones can be left in water. The Select II shouldn't be left to freeze (until I learn otherwise) but the ceramics aren't harmed by hard freezing as far as I have found.

Sigma Power stones do require soaking below #4000 grit, but above that (#6000 and above) do not require soaking at all.

I have 12 Sigma stones - 6 Power Ceramic (#120, #700, 1K, 6K, 8K, 13K) and 6 Select II (#240, #400, 1K, #1200, 3K, 6K) and I've never seen the need to do so since they have worked fine as is. I guess it's just preference not that one way is better than the other.

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