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keen eyes will..

David Weaver
...notice the tiny damage at the edge of this chisel. I think I may have set up and sharpened the entire set of 8 in about a half hour.

That wouldn't be there once the chisel is in use - it looks like the small final bevel didn't reach the edge, but this could've been 8 of 8 chisels, too, and probably hurried. The picture of the edge otherwise is still a good idea for anyone who ever goes back to the bench and finds the chisel isn't sharpened that well.

Despite all of the OWTs about this or that kind of failure that float around the forums (angles, etc, heat failure, new chisel, etc) it's almost always going to be because a job wasn't completed -even if incompletion is too small to see easily.

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keen eyes will..
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