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Re: Two different camps "over there"

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
Most of the actual builders that make furniture of things for homes congregate on the main power tool forum on TBS (the Blue site). That's the "Look what I made" camp.

The handtool forum tends toward tool collecting and deciderata of rare or unobtainable things (of marginal utility). That's the "Look what I found" camp.


I try to keep in mind that for the vast majority of us - this is a hobby.

We're genuinely fortunate when experienced makers are generous.

Jim, that is generally true for WoodCentral as well. The Messages forum tends to be where builds go these days. One of the reasons for this is that there are few, if any, builds that are purely hand tool only. Most also use machines. The greater percentage of threads on the Hand Tool forum are about sharpening or steel composition. I am not knocking this, just stating a fact. If you want to discuss construction or joinery or design, there will be more interaction on the Messages forum. I post builds simultaneously on the two fori as I believe there are some here who do not venture there. I do hope for discussion.

On other woodwork forums on the web, there is a great deal of "look what I bought!", and links to videos made by others. These resemble a club-come-Facebook experience, and which is hardly satisfying to someone wanting to further their woodworking knowledge and expertise. These are the forums for the new generation starting out. The "old timers" have largely left the building.

Sawmill Creek is closer to WoodCentral than those here may appreciate, but in more ways resembles the Australian forum, where there are several fori that deal with different areas, and within them there are ongoing discussions at levels between moderate to expert. Very few absolute beginners at SMC. A number of the members here, including myself, Jim and Warren, frequent SMC on a regular basis. David used to, as did George. They chose to leave. SMC is poorer for their absence. I do not blame the rules there for this. There are rules everywhere and they are not that different.

Regards from Perth


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