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Profile picture *PIC*

To get this picture, it probably took me 20 minutes to get the microscope, mirror and all that set up, but I finally managed to do it. All that stuff is really fiddly and I had a hard time keeping dust off the blade. Anyway, here's the profile of the stropped chisel. The red lines represent the original profile of the blade before stropping.

This is the same chisel, from the test where it was buffed.


Using an online protractor, it looks like the angle of the stropped chisel very near the tip is around 50 degrees, maybe slightly more. The blurriness of the image makes it hard to tell exactly where the apex is.

The angle of the buffed profile was closer to 60. Again, it was hard to get an accurate location of the apex, and if anything, the angle was even greater than 60.

The larger angle may explain why the edge had essentially no visible damage at all in the buffed condition.

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