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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
If you are building planes for a discriminating woodworker clientele you can fret over these kind of issues. After all, it is a few inches of show chiseling. If you are knocking out a 7 drawer bureau for your sister in law and your brother is waiting on a desk, you probably work to a different standard.

Some of the things David is concerned with are of no importance to many people building furniture in a mixed power hand tool shop. In other cases a perfectly chiseled surface brings joy to some even if the surface never sees a pair of socks stored within it.

One needs to know what sphere their woodworking occurs in, especially beginners. If a beginner takes to heart the concern over some bit on a stone resulting in a 0.001" line on a chiseled dovetail socket they risk getting bogged down with irrelevant worries and never make a piece of practical furniture. On the other hand, a piece of practical furniture may not be a goal. An hour of peace in the shop may be the goal.

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