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Not my preference, but...

David Weaver
..I'd say it's not my preference. It's not good form for me to say something about another forum on this forum. I'll admit.

I will say in their defense that there are a lot of long-time members there who like the format.

I "met" george wilson over there when I posted a saw that I was proud of as a first saw and wedge my phone number out of me and called and said "I'd like to talk to you about some improvements you can make". He more or less said "i see something that tells me you can do better work". I thought it was an obligation that I didn't want to pull around.

George's friendship has been one of the greatest things I've ever run into on the internet. I've talked to him on the phone literally hundreds of times - it turns out that most of the things that I'd like to learn to do well, he does well.

That aside, I have to remind myself that while I'm often staying in a very narrow lane so as not to do a bunch of things that feel like a waste time after I do them, there are lots of folks who don't have the same drive, or who want to make more things than I do and get no charge out of really pushing into the minutiae. I'm glad that all of the forums around exist. This one remains the only one that seems to have continuous appeal to me because we can have such an obnoxious overdetailed discussion about something as simple as sticking a tool into a buffer and instead of it turning into an argument, a whole bunch of people try it instead. And then those who try it, contribute to trying to make it better.

I'm thankful to ellis for that.

I've made an attempt or two at getting george over here, but I think his ship has sailed on forums, and he was born before WWII And finds the site harder to navigate. the fact that it takes some effort to navigate probably works as a light protective barrier for us.

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