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Re: Testing stropping at a high angle

I've been using a 30 degree bevel for all my tests so far, but not because I think it's optimal. It's mostly laziness -- that's what the chisel started at, and if I wanted to compare a flat 30 degree bevel to a 25 degree buffed/stropped bevel, that's just more work, especially if I want to go back and forth between those conditions.

Based on others' experiences, and my understanding of how it works, I have every reason to believe a 25 degree bevel will hold up just as well, and of course, move through the material more easily.

If you're feeling bold, you could even try out lower angles, like 20 degrees. Hm, maybe that's worth me testing out. Chopping with a 20 degree bevel would surely be a different experience than with 30 degrees. With these cheap chisels, there's not much to lose even if there's some sort of horrendous edge failure.

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