Hand Tools

Low speed vs. high

David Weaver
There are so many variables that can be changed -the hardness of the buff, the pressure into it, the strength of the buffing abrasive.

I think if someone is interested in doing this with a moving wheel but without power, a treadle is in order and something like felt (which can damage an edge at high speed) is perhaps in order because of its stronger cutting power (it's stiffer).

Felt's big issues at high speed are its influence battering or tearing at an edge, and the friction associated with that. But at lower speeds, neither of those will be a problem and I'd bet it would work well.

There's another issue with high speed man powered. My buffer is 4 amps - I'd bet half of that is used buffing an edge - to deform the buff at high speed takes a lot of power. It's too much power and speed for felt, but less power and less speed may work well whereas less power and speed to the extreme for a cotton buff may make the buff nothing more than a lightweight clean stropping mechanism.

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