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David Weaver
..you could say you absolutely hate it and despise the idea of eschewing modern (much easier) ways of accomplishing things on this cabinet - like toning a modern finish and getting very even color with spraying.

I'd not be offended.

everything furniture related is a learning experience for me and some parts of the aesthetic that I do like (the not old but not new look) aren't going to be found favorable now.

The mrs. gives it more thumbs down than thumbs up so far, but I've learned what she likes. Milk paint.

(she doesn't like things not durable, so I spray a kitchen finish over the paint).

Bill's suggestion about softening the transition with moulding wrapped around the bottom of the top case with a cove will be enough to bail me out, and it'll be easy to execute. It won't please the mrs. but it'll please me!

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