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Sgian Dubh
"I have the notion that someone will gleefully put these two things in different locations and the bottom case needs to be able to stand on its own."
David, when I first spotted your original post and photographs a few days ago I decided to not comment because I really, and immediately, found the piece visually uncomfortable.

However, you have since raised the issue yourself - the quotation above, about essentially what I saw at first look, i.e., two very well made and polished cabinets, very similar in overall appearance where, almost accidentally and fortuitously, the smaller cabinet fits reasonably well on the lower cabinet.

I know this was never 'accidental' on your part, and you outline your reasoning, the technical elements, and your lack of experience in furniture design in explanation, so I hope you won't feel I'm being overly and harshly judgemental, or unfair. Slainte.

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