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Re: really great for harder blades...

Don Peters
I suspect we've all futzed with scrapers at least enough to know that there's no black art to them. And the next thing we learn is that there are a lot of ways to sharpen and use them. And then the search begins: how do I quickly develop, perfect and refresh that edge? But one also learns that the futzing, while sometimes fun, is profoundly unproductive.

Anything I can reasonably do to spend less time sharpening and more time using a tool well is worth seriously exploring. And scrapers are at the top of my work/pleasure vision quest. I've futzed with simplifying and shortening the "quickly develop, perfect and refresh" processes with inconclusive results. So this thread is singing to me.

So apologies if this was answered elsewhere, but would David please define his deburring setup and buffer setup: speeds, grits, diameters, motor details, names or types of product, etc. Photos might also be helpful... maybe interdict some of my futzing.

Thanks very much,
Don Peters

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