Hand Tools

Re: Throwing down the gaunlett

David Weaver
Hamler has expended 1000 thought molecules on scraping for every one that I have. His method is probably better - the more you do things, the lazier you get if standards will allow (the unproductively lazy will allow standards to drop, but I know he's not that guy).

I snapped off a half day of vacation at work so that I could go hang up some stuff for the kids in the yard and made the video already. I'll post it this evening.

the deburr wheel and buffer works a treat for hardened plane irons used to scrape, too. That doesn't offer me much because I hate the feel of using plane irons to scrape, but it offers quite a lot considering I can cut a piece of 1084 or o1 or whatever else (i wonder how XHP would do for this) to make a hardened scraper of any shape).

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