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Re: Got saw, modified saw, it works

Wiley Horne
Hi Bill,

1. The sawcut on the right looks OK, but the slanted cut on left is showing too much surface ragging for a 22-point saw. The advantage of a fine tooth crosscut saw for this purpose is that that there should be zero ragging of the exit which would be visible from the front of the finished piece. Maybe it’s just the geometry of the teeth when used on the slant, but I suggest trying (a) a very soft touch for the initial defining cut, or else (b) a light but quick cut, to try to get a cleaner result. Let the saw’s weight do the work. If you are of a mind, I will send you a hand-tensioned (and therefore stiffer) saw to use for these projects—email me.

2. If the saw is so floppy that you instantly hate it, here’s something to check. That saw plate is 20 thousandths thick. Check the thickness of the rip dozuki you showed in the very first photo. If they’re the same, then you could likely swap blades, and put the rip saw’s spine on the crosscut saw.

Am serious about sending you a saw—lemme know.


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