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Looks similar to the Kum brand sharpeners

david weaver
Those still made in germany, and what I got 20 or 24 of (and am now running low on as I've dispensed them like party favors since I got them cheap and figured I could again at some point - that doesn't appear to be correct).

At any rate, I attempted to improve the cutter on the first one that I got, and have since realized that there's no point in it. they are wonderfully sharp when new, and the one that's in my shop bench doesn't show any sign of changing in sharpness.

The kids have various types upstairs at their desks that fit their whimsey (as in, bear shaped shaving enclosures, etc), but they're all junk. It's hard to overstate just how good the little german sharpeners are vs. anything else made of that style.

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