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David Weaver
I hadn't even considered trying to make the leads, as I'd get stuck in that for months and never really figure out how to make them accurately, even if I could make them into a nice texture.

I have some 2 mm staedtler (Sp?) leads, and was planning to take a trip to staples and michaels (I live over the hillside from both) to see what they have.

If they can satisfy, and I can find an assortment in a standard size, then I can make one small fixed fence plane to make a bunch of pencils until the disorder runs its course.

But i looked up leads after you mentioned them, and it doesn't look like it may be that unreasonable to try making them down the road. Graphite, clay, wax, bake.

They will need to be square if I make them, though.

Thanks for the heads up.

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