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Jonathan Elliott
I was hoping to communicate exactly what Wiley said and showed with the Norton abrasives. Bill's answer (that he uses 0-1u) actually surprised me so I'm glad I asked the question. I had always assumed that when 1u diamond was referred to that it was the average as Norton and Ted Pella list (0-2u). I don't desire to drag anyone down into a rabbit hole that has long been excavated as far as anyone wants to go, but I'm glad to have a better understanding of what's being discussed now.

I appreciate the practical points you bring up David. Personal experience is the greatest teacher. I agree with what Steve Voigt has said in the past (at least about the chip breaker) for someone just starting out it's nice to have a started point based on other's experience and then go from there.

For context, I am new to the hand tool world, having worked in machine only shops but look forward to diving into hand tools in my own shop so I'm absorbing with interest before I actually start experiencing and discovering what works for me. I wanted to have a clearer understanding of what was being discussed and this has helped a lot. I appreciate everyone's feedback based on their experiences, it's really interesting to me.

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