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Re: Are you buying from China?

Jonathan Elliott
I was hoping you would response Bill, since I know you have an incredible experience base with diamond pastes. Any place that I have found that will actually list the nominal particle range lists the same range, which is double the labeled size.

My question was based on this, wanting to know if when you, and others, refer to 1u diamond you are referring to the labeled size (perhaps a range of 1-2u) or the 0.5u labeled diamond with a range of 0.5-1u. I think I know the answer, I was just curious.

I have no doubt the stuff from ebay is not nearly as well graded as from lapidary suppliers, but it seems a nominal range of double the labeled size is standard practice rather than just poor grading. This supplier sells 5g for $43 and lists the grading range I am referring to. I'm not claiming authority on this it's just what I've been able to find and have very limited experience so I wanted to ask.


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