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I know there is some difference in diamond shape (beyond the mono/polycrystalline
classification) but am not sure if anyone really grades for that (or indeed if they can). I also don't know if different monocrystalline shapes have meaningfully different cut patterns.

There is also an arguably meaningful variance in alumina shapes (and hardness) - i.e http://www.metallographic.com/Brochures/Alumina.pdf
So I'm not -yet- convinced that you can tell usefully the abrasive classification of that entirely from the SDS (whether we care in our case, and how much is another question). I mean I love SDS's but there's always the risk of believing you understand a product from them when you don't because there's some non-obvious subclassifications of the material that aren't reflected in it.

I suspect that for all practical purposes you're 99% correct though (barring perhaps some specialized use cases). This is mostly just curiosity on my part as I'm pretty happy with my sharpening regime so unless something is worlds different the cost of changing isn't usually worth it. OTOH I also have large piles of rocks that need polishing work.. so perhaps less academic there and maybe some opportunity to buy some other grades mediums to play with.. just because.. :)

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