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Re: Answer from my experience

david weaver
I couldn't tell you exactly how big the variation is because the only way I can see what each compound is doing is through the microscope using the media on a hard surface to create the scratches.

If grading gets really loose, I can see evidence from it. If one compound is graded at 0.5 micron and it's relatively tight, it will look different from one that says it's 0.5 average and has particles as large as 1 1/2.

I think the alumina in the finer sharpening stones available (shapton, sigma power) as far as grit size goes looks to me to be very uniform. Graded diamond powder that is intentionally closely graded looks to be very uniform. The buffing sticks (aside from the specialty expensive ones for shaving customers) appear to be somewhat less closely graded. If the literature with the sticks doesn't say exactly what they are, then I have trouble telling other than the scratch pattern. The SDS usually says the percentage of alumina, but nothing about size.

Still speculating, but I think the honing films are very closely graded like the higher grade sharpening stones.

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