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Thanks for that link..and poor memory!.

david weaver
I mentioned below that I thought that the 1894 edition of the edited turning ... volume III had favorable comments about the washita, but now after reading it, I recall that it says the opposite.

There's glowing language for the translucent arkansas stone, and then a kind of funny comment that washita is available, paraphrased - it looks like a second rate arkansas stone of some type, but it's not, it's 'inferior in every respect'.

That's worth a bit of a chuckle as it's present in the UK in droves (the UK ebay site is the easiest place to find them) and in US catalogs, they were about twice the price of soft ark.

The charnley is listed as a hone slate in this one, and I may have misread earlier (the turkish oilstone is said to *not* be a hone slate in this, and it's definitely not a hone slate). Not sure about the charnley and idwall, but I have had two of the former and have two of the latter. I don't think they're slate.

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