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Re: Well, me for starters

Well one guy who might fit the bill is Ed Fowler who is a very well known knife maker, and author of the Knife Talk Column and the books of the same name. Wyoming resident, hunter, maybe guide, and worked in a slaughterhouse, and as a result could get a lot of practice with his knives (don't they have machines for this kind of work?).

He seems to be in the whole ABS slot which puts a premium on a variety of features, that might not meet your "scientific" preferences. They all use HC steel, and resharpenability is as important to him as edge holding because you don't get to quit on the line when the blade goes dull. That may also be the case with really large animals. Though really big animals tend to get processed by staff. His preferred steel was ball bearing steel forged out. He had his opinions. What set him apart, aside from his craft, was the line experience.

Knives are a lot like planes in that it is hard to find a real world heroic situation today that justifies all the hype. Though that doesn't account for drag racing either.

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