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david weaver
Steve - your work and contributions have been pioneering, and I've borrowed so much from them (reviewing results, checking experience against them, etc) that I probably wouldn't remember all of the times that I've either referenced your page directly ("what bevel angle does an A2 iron stop displaying chippy behavior") or used the results indirectly (viewing the edge of the 3V irons on beach's page, where they fared very well).

The difference between your information and the sometimes seemingly random choices of steel in ultra high end planes is that quite often, those choices don't yield a dominant (in game theory terms) result. In your case with 3V given what was available at the time, the results was very close to dominant, but you were actually able to prove it, too, in data and pictures.

I wouldn't be surprised to find that 3V made a chisel as good or better than V11, but I'll probably never know that. the V11/XHP is just a notch further along in the development of the steelmakers and it's even closer to dominant than 3V in a plane iron. Who knows what tomorrow brings? Whatever it may be, I think you have a whole lot to do with why we'd even see something like V11 in a woodworking plane in the first place. Especially on the heels of an era when most of what was put in planes was demonstrably worse than older efforts.

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